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Owner Kyle Strutt has lived and worked ​in Kindersley, Sk for the past 15 years as ​a Journeyman Plumber and

General Gas Fitter.

Call us today for all your residential and ​commercial plumbing needs


Our Services

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Furnace Installation ​and Repair​

High-quality heating ​services that keep your ​home, office, and sho​p warm and comfortabl​e all winter lon​g


Reverse Osmosis ​Drinking Water ​Systems

Say goodbye to ​impurities and hello to ​crisp, clean water right ​from your tap

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Wa​ter Heaters

Those hot showers you ​love are quickly going to ​be missed when ​something goes wrong, ​so don’t accept second-​best services when it ​comes to hot water ​tanks

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Wa​ter Softeners

Avoid replacing ​prematurely ruined ​water heaters, scaly ​faucet heads, and hours ​of cleaning up residue. ​Investing in a water ​softener saves you time, ​energy, and money while ​protecting your home

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Gas Line Alterations ​and Construction

Gas lines are a vital part ​of your home and ​commercial energy ​ecosystem, powering y​our stove, fireplace, wat​er heater, furnace,​ and other appliance​s that use na​tural gas.

Plumbing & ​Drainage Water ​Systems

Efficient and affordable ​systems bringing fresh, ​clean water into your ​home and reliably taking ​drainage away


Our energy-efficient, ​high-quality boilers are ​designed to fit any size ​residential or ​commercial ap​plication


Our experienced team ​provides pump repair, ​replacement, and ​installation

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We called Kyle about our leaking shower, and ​he came over the next day to fix it while we ​were at work. Great service! He even filled our ​dog’s water dish before he left. -Jenn G

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Could not have asked for more prompt ​professional service at very fair prices. -Sandy M.

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Performance Plumbing went above and beyond ​to get us fixed up! Highly recommend giving ​them a shout! -Brady R.

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Always professional and helpful. Kyle goes the ​extra mile! -Grant C.

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Kyle (and Vaughn) are always prompt and come ​when they say they will be here. Kyle explains the ​problem and the fix and says what to be aware of ​in the future. He left with everything working ​well. Couldn’t be happier with the service!

-Curtis S.

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Kyle and his apprentice, Vaughn, are extremely ​professional and efficient. I highly recommend ​their services. -Taylor M.

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Kyle is the best! He came right away. He explains ​what is wrong and how he fixed it. He also ​explained how everything is supposed to work ​and preventative measures so this problem ​never happens again. Excellent service. Excellent ​work. -Hillary B.

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Great Service and communication -Evelyn C.

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Ki​ndersley, SK

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(306) 460-4842